Daystate Boxall Offer Few Only Never to be repeated.

A Staggering 500 Off 

Limited quantity never to be repeated this includes all the quality accessories which

were all in at the original price of £2107

Now only £1600.00

INCLUDES Scope and Mounts!

Combining classic British design with modern machining and engineering techniques is a common theme at both Daystate and Boxall and Edmiston, so when Daystate wanted to make a Limited Edition rifle with the classic good looks of the finest bespoke English guns, it needed to look no further than the top British shotgun maker.

Boxall and Edmiston is a shotgun company with traditional, uncompromising production values that also takes full advantage of new machining and laser engraving technologies. Innovation and keen pricing are parts of the equation, too Boxall and Edmiston are still able to price their beautiful, highly desirable pieces around the £2,000 mark.

Daystate has been using the expertise of codirector Peter Boxall for many years. Peters past experiences at Jaguar cars and as the Technical Director of Holland and Holland gives him the credentials of knowing more than a little about gun design and has an acknowledged talent for combining good design with quality engineering.

More than a year in planning, the Turkish walnut used in the new Daystates stock has been carefully selected and put aside by Italian stock partners, Minelli. The beautiful, laser etched scrollwork on the breech, designed and implemented at Boxall and Edmiston, takes half a day per block to complete. Even the serial number disc inlay on the dust-cap is hand tooled and made from Sterling silver.

This B and E limited edition PCP is based on Daystates latest Huntsman Regal the new highly popular PCP which offers a state of the art lightweight rifle fitted with Daystates latest Titanium valve system, enhanced shot count and classic hunting rifle lines.


Laser engraving by Boxall and Edmiston
Specially selected Turkish walnut stock incorporating special B and E engraving
Custom Belita Hugget shroud and silencer
Solid silver inlay Limited Edition disk (rifle and scope)
Sling swivels
Hand tooled matching sling
Vanguard Aluminium limited edition case
.22 or .177 calibre
Rifle 12 ft/lbs in Vanguard Case and B and E Sling

This includes:
NEW MTC Genesis 3-9x40 UltraLite LE badge and serial number, Blueprint mounts.