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The best just got better...When FX invented the multi-stage hand pump in 1993 it was yearsahead of its time. The modern day three-stage FX pump has built onthat creation, providing a hand pump which is 30 more efficientthan any other pump on the market.15 years of experience has now culminated in the ultimate FXpump. The FX four-stage pump has a totally unique gearing systemyou will not find on any other pump. This allows the user to changegear depending on whether they want high volume with lowerpressure or high pressure with lower volume.

This enables theuser to fill the air tube rapidly with over 300cc of air per stroke andthen change down gear less than 200cc per stroke to reachrecommended fill pressure with ease.The result you can fill your air tube faster, fuller and with much lesseffortBUILT IN MOISTURE TRAPOf course theres more to the FX pumps than that. Both modelscontain an in-built moisture trap, which means you do not have theinconvenience or expense of changing additional dry packs. Thepumps mechanism has been endurance tested by machine so youcan be sure of many years trouble free use.

Features Pressure gauge, moisture trap, particle filterreplaceable, and bleed valve.

Connections Kevlar hose 0,5m with 18 thread.
  • Model: 5193
  • Units in Stock: 10