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The Sentinel is a modern, compact, sporting night vision rifle scopethat has been developed from experience gained from the successful NVRS series.
Manufactured in part from military grade Titanium, the bodyshell is designed to provide exceptional weightstrength characteristics. Fitted with high grade Gen 1 tubes, the Sentinel is unique in offering a dual colour, variable brightness reticle. You have the choice of either a green or a red reticle which is based on the Dragunov sniper scope reticle. Internal windageelevation adjustments are effected via knobs conveniently placed to the right of the eyepiece.
The controls are ergonomically designed and can be used with gloved hands and in total darkness. Unlike some competitive products, the power supply is totally silent, a major advantage in a hunting scenario. The large 50mm multicoated front lens provides good light gathering capabilities while maintaining a compact profile. The ergonomic eyecup makes viewing more comfortable, while the green glow from the image intensifier tube is shielded from outside observation. An Infra Red IR Illuminator is built-in to the right side of the scope, providing limited range enhanced viewing when the subject is in shadows or complete darkness. A green LED below the viewfinder indicates when the Image Intensifier Tube is switched on while a red LED indicates when the IR Illuminator is in operation.
The Sentinel has been designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of the UK pest control market to identify and engage small targets at close range. By adding an internal focus capability to the design, a much clearer image is available since the target is clearly focussed on the front of the image intensifier tube. The second major advantage is that minimum focus is reduced to just 4.0m.
A Tactical Weaver rail is fitted on the left side of the unit allowing additional accessories to be fitted such as the optional 29072 100mW high power IR FlashlightIlluminator or even a lightweight gun lamp.
Included with the Sentinel is a unique remote on-off switch that can be located on the stock or forepiece of a rifle, thus enabling the shooter to activate the Sentinel and IR Illuminator without removing their hands from the weapon. A protective case is included.
The optional 29091 1.7x Lens Converter is also available which increases image magnification from 2.5x to 4.3x. Minimum focus with this attached is still only about 8.0m.
  • Model: 011047
  • Units in Stock: 1
  • Manufactured by: Yukon