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The Pulsar Recon R models offer the same performance specifications as the regular Recon range but have an integrated digital video recorder for storing images onto an SD memory card included.

The Recon R range offers some of the most compact, ergonomic and high specification digital night vision devices on the market today. The major benefit of using digital night vision devices over image intensified models is that they cannot be damaged by bright lights likely to be encountered at night such as car headlights or street lights. All models in the range can be enhanced with the use of high power IR illuminators. The Recon 750R features an integrated eyesafe infrared laser illuminator permitting the device to perform in low light and total darkness.

The Recon R models have a specially designed mount combining Weaver and 14inch standards to affix various accessories. All models are fitted with a video inout socket enabling connection of peripheral equipment. It functions both in video out and video in mode. Video out mode allows a connection to a monitor. Video in mode can be employed to transmit images via digital recorder to the Recons display.
It has have four optional display modes black and white, green regular colour for NV, red reduces eye strain and enhanced contrast mode.
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