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Stealth Ghost Harvest Camo Netting 4m x 1.5m

Introducing the most advanced Camouflage netting on the market

Aptly named Stealth Ghost Cammo, this 2 ply camouflage stealth net is an unbelievable advance in concealment technology for hunters relying on total invisibility from their quarry.

This summer colour is simply ideal for spring, summer and autumn use as it blends incredibly well with straw and pale grasses.

The stealth net is easily the best camo net on the market, and is simply unbeatable for Pigeon Shooting and Wildfowling. The net measures 4 metres x 1.5 metres... more than enough for a roomy hide.

Given its size the net still compacts down incredibly well for easy storage and transportation in your pigeon bag 1 sq ft. Its also very light in weight around 1.5lbs, soft and silent making it a dream to use thanks to the totally synthetic textiles incorporated into the design.

Without a doubt the best feature of the net is the pattern and texture. The exterior layer is printed in summer camo pattern and then die cut to produce a 3Dimensional moving leaf effect. The backing layer is a black micromesh which not only adds depth and shadowing to the texture but also makes the net very easy to see through from the inside....a bit like a two way mirror...and...IT WILL NOT SNAG YOUR GUN BARRELS

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  • Manufactured by: Stealth