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Performance The light duration on maximum brightness setting is approx 6hr continuous use. If using on the dimmed setting the light duration will be substantially longer depending on the setting. The Lithium battery module will give typically 300 cycles to 70 of capacity.
Mounts Scope Mounted Gun light - Fit 2526mm scope with plastic clip supplied. Alternatively use GA5035 for 25mm scopes or GA5036 for 30mm scopes.
FiltersThe filters for the Tri-star have been specially designed to allow maximum performance from a white LED source. All filters are flip design.
Battery Information The battery is a nominal 12V 4Ah Lithium Ion Polymer any 12V battery with the correct polarity can be used with the Tristar Pro lights.The battery is protected from over charging and over discharge.
Battery FUEL GAUGE Indicates the charge state of the battery.

LED technology 3 x high power LEDs
Reflector designed to produce a brilliant spot beam
High performance driver circuit that enables the brightness to be dimmed to the operators desired brightness for perfect shooting conditions
12V 4Ah Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack with battery charge condition fuel gauge GL2951 only.
Mains charger and 12v DC charger supplied as standard GL2951 only.
Canvas belt mounted battery pouch.
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  • Manufactured by: Trident