UCaller Remote with USB

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UCaller Remote with USB

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NEW Ucaller Remote Caller Mixed Pack
Free Cap and Veil with every Ucaller Remote
Amazing 110dB amplified sound from the built in speaker. Huge volume.
Our latest release of caller. Very easy to use. This caller has all the features that a caller could possibly want. The sounds are changeable, simply plug the unit into your pc with the USB cable supplied and copy and paste any sound you wish onto the Ucaller remote. The built in speaker is very loud 110dB and it comes with a remote control that will work up to 100 mtrs.
The caller is simple to use. The caller is alrady preloaded with sounds but you can change the sounds very easily using a pc. All of the sounds can be selected by using the buttons number 1-8. There is volume up and a volume down button, from silent to 110dB loud. The remote also has the same buttons for easy control. There is a pauseplay button. Once a sound is playing the sound will play in a loop until stopped.
This package comes with 8 preloaded sounds. Sounds included are
1.Vixen bark, Very clear call, exactly as you would hear a vixen calling during the winter. This will bring foxes in from huge distances especially during the mating season
2.Dog fox. Perfect dog fox call. This call is excellent for catching a foxes attention.
3.Rabbit Squeal. Loud piercing high pitched rabbit in distress. This call will call in all types of animals of prey. The sound will travel upto 1 mile.
4.Hare Cry. Again a distress call and it will again attract all types animals of prey.
5.Mixed crows. This call will call in all breeds of crows, rooks,jackdaws, the lot. It works amazingly well as soon as you turn it on crows will appear and circle overhead
6.hooded crow, The deep call of the hooded crow. An excellent way to call in these weary creatures.
7.mixed magpie call. This is a magpie calling and squacking and chattering. Magpies are territorial especially in the breeding season.
8.Magpie Chatter. A good clear loud chatter of the magpie. Very effective
Remember you can down load more sounds and use them on your Ucaller Remote.
Amazing 110dB amplified sound from the built in speaker.
Pest Control - Vermin CallingScaring
Remote Control up to 100Mtrs
Selection of Sounds via USB
External Power option
High Quality MP3 Sounds
High Volume Output via the built in internal speaker
External Speaker for Increased Volume
Battery Pack compatable, the caller can be powered by an external battery pack.

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