The Weihrauch HW100 K Bullpup Airgun: Our Review

Review on the Weihrauch HW100 K Bullpup Airgun – Released July 2019

Are you looking for the UK’s best bullpup airgun?  Well look no further as we may have just found it!

Today at Drapers Airgun Centre in association with Andy’s Airgun Review we will be looking at one of the latest shortest bullpup air rifles to be released, it is the Weihrauch HW100 K coming in at a total length of 73.5cm (29in) including the supplied silencer.  Removing the silencer from the end of the dominative 31cm (12in) barrel the whole airgun is only 56cm (22in) long – considering that when the moderator is removed it is probably one of the loudest airguns around, it really is amazing what difference the silencer makes.  This rifle does feel quite heavy until you shoulder the HW100K; then it suddenly becomes perfectly balanced and not at all noticeable.

Having a walk round this airgun made in Germany, it is an all black airgun except for the grey inlay of the pistol grip with the well made soft rubberised body that has a real quality feel to it.  It looks like it is designed off its larger sibling the Weihrauch HW110 air rifle but then closer inspection of the ambidextrous grip it looks very similar to the Weihrauch HW44 – it is clear where the whole idea has been brought together from.


The trigger guard on the HW100K is moulded into the grip and has a very sensible curved recess to rest your finger to aid trigger discipline which in turn also adds to enable safe shooting.  The trigger itself is a two stage trigger and has a pull weight of three quarters of a lb.  The trigger position can also be adjusted on this airgun to find the perfect comfort for the shooter.

Weihrauch have managed to fit a small rail on the HW100K airgun before the air cylinder after the trigger guard to fit a bipod or handle.  The air cylinder is quite diminutive in size where the familiar and accurate air gauge / monometer is fitted at the end, this is also where the filler port is located that has a protector inserted to ensure it is kept from getting any dirt in it, the o-ring that hold this bung in can also be used as a spare in case your fill adaptor o-ring gets damaged.

Upon assessing the HW100 it is good for about 60 shots .177 / 70 shots .22 per fill (approx) before it reaches the yellow on the traditional gauge, which is potentially where it could start to lose accuracy.  The top scope rail is built so you can use either a weaver or picatinny mounted scope depending on your preference.  The whole top scope rail can also be taken off and a dovetail mount fitted, extremely versatile for all mounting options.



The magazine well is again familiar to anyone who has previously owned a Weihrauch and it has the standard 14 shot magazine capacity – and two of these magazines are supplied with the HW100K.  This magazine can be easily loaded one handed into the airgun.

Cocking the gun is via the side arm and is super smooth and easy to use, oozing quality again and can be used without taking your hand off the trigger or certainly without coming off target.  The safety is positioned to the rear and can be used from either side. Same as with all Weihrauch’s you cannot apply the safety without the gun being cocked.

There is a plastic cheek rest on top and this adds to a certain level of comfort considering some bullpups simply have you resting on the metal of the receiver.  The butt pad is high quality, cushioned rubberised and adjustable for height.

So how about this airguns power?  As usual we brought out the chronograph – this Weihrauch saw consistent figures with a maximum spread of 8ft per second (using 8.44 grains JSB’s) and a maximum power of 11.95ft/lb which is spot on for the UK’s guidelines when it comes to airguns.  Out on the field we had a shoot at 40m on a reasonably calm day with a light wind, showing the results in the picture below (2.5cm spread) and we were more than pleased with the results. We most certainly feel there is a running theme when talking about the HW100K and the word that comes to mind is quality.


This gun comes in £1140 and is available at Drapers Airgun Centre’s store in Nottingham and online in both .177 and .22 calibres (price correct at time of going to press).  This may seem like a lot of money for such a small item but what it doesn’t have in size it has in build quality, accuracy, reliability and desirability for those who can afford this price tag. We have done a full video review with Andy’s Airgun Review who we work closely with on YouTube – click the link below to check that out.

If you like your bullpup a little longer check out its older sibling HW100BP coming in at 10cm longer, which has an overall length of 83.5cm (33in) and its barrel length is 41cm (16in) with a shot count of roughly 30 more.  You can find this gun at Drapers on our website by clicking here


We realise this gun may not be for everyone because of the price tag and its lower shot count but it makes up for it in ownership experience, so if you get chance to try a HW100K you won’t be disappointed.

Alternatively, the manufacturers website link to the HW100K is below and from here you can see all the Weihrauch range of airguns as well!

Huge thank you to Andy’s Airgun Review for helping with this review as always, check out his channel on YouTube and subscribe or head to for everything you need to know about airguns as well as be able to watch all our reviews (and more) too – it’s completely free! If you are looking for a particular airgun to be reviewed or want some more info please feel free to drop us an email or call us on 01159702525 – even better still, come in and see us in store in Nottingham!

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